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    Passed on my first attempt. Took the test at home.
    Placed in the middle of the fourth quartile.
    Almost ran out of time in section 2 of the Exam and had a couple minutes to spare for review of the several questions I had marked in sections 1 & 3. Didn’t change any of the answers after re-reading the questions.
    Don’t get too used to simply right clicking and crossing out wrong answers while taking practice exams because the official Exam requires several time consuming clicks and drags to cross out a wrong answer.
    I thought the questions were split percentage-wise closely as described in the PMI exam ground rules.
    I had been scoring reliably in the >75% on all the practice test exam questions.
    I never tried a 4-hour simulation test.
    Used the PMBOK 6 PDF for the word search function during practice test reviews more than the hardcopy PMBOK but did spend time reading the hard copy too.

    I first purchased and used a PMI prep program for 60 days and then changed for the last month and used the PrepCast on-line test bank and videos. After stumbling across a Cornelius PMP lessons learned video I suspected that the PrepCast system was superior, or at least different, to the program , videos, and questions I had been studying with.
    I preferred the PrepCast program because I could select the number of questions for each test that I wanted to take. I thoroughly reviewed my incorrect practice test answers. PrepCast provides a lot of well presented, useful test answer review information and I would have the PMBOK PDF open on my second screen.
    The PrepCast questions also seemed more difficult and closer to the language and style of the actual exam questions.
    Definitely was glad I spent a month with PrepCast and I think Cornelius’ videos are very helpful.

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